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Interview with Charlaine Harris on the HBO Series True Blood

In 2008 HBO will air the TV alternation True Blood (tentatively appointed for March) based on the Southern Vampire Mysteries. The book books affection the mind-reading Louisiana barmaid Sookie Stackhouse who finds herself carefully complex with the vampire subculture.

1. Although you are the columnist of the Southern Vampire Mysteries you accept had to about-face over artistic ascendancy to Alan Ball (producer of Six Feet Under). You acutely accept a lot of aplomb in him, but how were you able to let go of your own creation?

It will not be my conception any added if it's on television. It'll be Alan's creation, and a absolutely altered animal. I'm searching advanced to seeing the books from a absolutely altered point of view.

2. Ambassador Alan Ball is acutely a fan of the Southern Vampire Mysteries. What advice accept you aggregate with him on developing the characters, abnormally Sookie.

I anticipate all the administration I charge to do is appropriate there in the text. If I was aggravating to adjudge who to go with, of the offers in foreground of me, Alan was the one who assertive me he accepted what I was accomplishing with the books.

3. Accept you fabricated any suggestions for the True Blood stories? Will any of the novels be a base for an episode?

The pilot adventure is Chapter One of Book One, "Dead Until Dark." The plan now is to chase the books chronologically.

4. Has filming begun? Accept you been on the set, and if so what was it like for you?

Filming starts June 7 (2007), endure I heard. I accept been on the set while it was still getting built, and I've met some of the assembly crew. Without exception, they addled me with their questions, their interest, and their ability of the books. It was a absolutely affable shock to acquisition out they cared about the books and hoped their eyes accomplished mine.

5. What do you anticipate of the actors who accept been cast? What do you anticipate they will accompany to their roles?

I am assured that Alan and his casting administrator accept best the appropriate humans for the appropriate roles, because that's what they do for a living, and their clue almanac says they're appealing acceptable at it. I don't apperceive broad about acting, and I'm absolutely absorbed by the process. It may be I'll apprentice something about the characters from watching their interpretation!

6. Will there be any affectionate of publicity touring or interviewing that will cover you in allowance to barrage the series?

I don't anticipate touring . . . I just toured for ALL TOGETHER DEAD, the seventh Sookie. I'm accomplishing absolutely a few interviews about the show, and I'm abiding there'll be added appropriate about the premier, if that's not too admirable a name for it.

7. How close is the Jan.'08 barrage date?

I accept no idea. After HBO admiral appearance the pilot, that'll be firmed up.

8. Will there be a prescreening of the aboriginal episode? Will you be complex in this or will you watch it for the aboriginal time forth with the blow of us?

Alan has mentioned that I should appear to LA for the prescreening, and I'm cerebration about it. Depends on what's traveling on with my ancestors then.

9. Any added comments you ambition to accomplish would be welcome.

I've apprehend the aboriginal two scripts, and I couldn't be added admiring and excited.

10. Do you accept any comments that you would like to accomplish to the library community? It's appulse on you or your work?

Sure. My mom (until her retirement) was a librarian, and my sister in law (until her abortive death) was a librarian, and I anticipate it's a cool job. It's no accompaniment that two of my best accompany accept been librarians. If I anticipate of how abundant libraries do for humans who charge the dreams and the advice books hold, it makes me affliction I didn't get a degree... admitting I apprehend that sounds actual suck-uppy, as my babe would say.

This account was conducted in June, 2007 in alertness for the Library Journal cavalcade From Shelf to Screen (Oct. 15, 2007).

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